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Why you need a massage?

Our Belief

As in maintenance of many different things, through different types of massage, our body’s health and wellbeing will be maintained.
Our body is designed to have its own self-healing power. Massage is to assist this self-healing power to manifest in our body.
Whether its muscle pain caused by excessive exercise or simply tension in the body caused by stress, applying the correct massage therapy will help releasing the body’s inner power to make to whole again!

Our Mission

Every year life is getting more stressful as works are getting more demanding. The increasing use of computers that causes stiff shoulder and back muscles; excessive work out at the gym that makes the muscle fatigue, and many other causes that can make your life miserable.
Because of our belief, our passion is to help you to enjoy the fullness of life and our mission is to relieve you from your body muscle pain and to rejuvenate you from your daily stress.

Our Specialties

The authentic traditional Thai massage at Koon Thai Massage may make you mistaken that you were having a Thai massage in the palace back in ancient times. Deriving from yoga, traditional Thai massage applies pressure to your acupuncture points and stretches muscles that are in tension.
As you can tell by its name, our deep tissue massage will bring healing to a deeper level of the body tissues. This is best for muscle pain and fatigue. A choice of light, medium and hard pressure is available for different personal preference.
Aroma massage is best after a long stressful day. Together with the oil, the gentle massage movements can sooth your body and mind at the same time bringing you to a state of total relaxation.

Our Experience

Koon Thai Massage pride ourselves in the skill and quality of our service. We understand your needs and we know what is best for your body.
All our massage therapists are fully trained and our experience is you guarantee.